Staff Advisory Committee

Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee

The College of Arts & Sciences Staff Diversity Advisory Committee (SDAC) aims to improve the climate for diversity in the College by advising College leadership on diversity issues, serving as ambassadors from departments, curricula, centers and institutes, and catalyzing and sharing efforts promoting an inclusive environment. The SDAC works to create a stronger and more inclusive community by focusing on initiatives and events that recognize, engage, and benefit staff across our departments. Additionally, the committee is charged with critically reviewing the progress of the College in the area of diversity and making recommendations to the Dean on strategies to create a culture of inclusive excellence for faculty, students and staff.

Goals of the Committee

  •  Serve in an advisory capacity to the dean relative to implementation and monitoring of key action steps outlined in the College’s diversity plan (in progress). Collaborate with the Dean’s Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee on the preparation of an annual report that assesses the College’s progress towards these objectives.
  • Advise College leadership on key issues related to diversity and inclusivity.
  • Develop and encourage staff participation in programs to promote diversity awareness.
  • Create and promote “safe places” for anyone to discuss and engage in diversity and inclusivity concerns with confidentiality and receptive understanding.
  • Liaise with the Employee Forum DEI committee and the Dean’s Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee to advocate on behalf of staff concerns related to diversity and inclusion matters.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with related College and campus groups to seek opportunities for collaboration, share best practices, and build on existing synergies to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace in the College.


The Staff Diversity Advisory Committee will consist of members from all divisions in the College.  Members must be permanent SHRA or EHRA non-faculty employees in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Committee members will serve two-year terms, with the option to renew for an additional one-year term.

Interested individuals should click here to contact the Dean’s office . As vacancies on the committee arise, selections for committee members will be made in May.

Chair and Staffing

The committee will elect its chair annually.  Committee chairs hold the title of chair for one year. The committee receives staff support from the associate dean for human resources, director of College initiatives and the business operations executive assistant.

Meeting Schedule

The SDAC will meet monthly beginning in July 2021.  The committee schedule will be posted when it becomes available.

Current Advisory Committee

Ashante Diallo
Associate Dean for Human Resources
Ashante Diallo
Lachonya Thompson
Director of College Initiatives
Lachonya Thompson